What A Scenester (isdeadcore) wrote,
What A Scenester

getting old, and dying of boredom, expensive mistakes. applied for a job,  im tired of universals high school atmosphere. when the bubs is born....when the bubs is born. cannot wait, we are going to have so much fun. buying baby clothes is maddening as it is all too cute. need to finish filing my taxes. some people are hard to love. its crazy but i think i finally learned to type mavis beacon style homeboy. i am unlearning how to spell i need to pick up a fucking book every now and then.

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    well were all going through the same thing. theres is no level of sweetness kindness or love that can ensure saftey and love so unconditional that…

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    Manchester by the sea and moonlight. amazing beautiful films. nice day off.

  • noctunal animals fucked me up.

    when you love someone, you work it out. you dont just throw it away. you're careful with it. because you might never get it ever again.

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