What A Scenester (isdeadcore) wrote,
What A Scenester

all i wanted was for us to have a life that was sustainable. simple. a bubble for us. the more i dwell on it the more confusing it becomes. was i that person to you? but really was i? or were you just trying to figure yourself out? was i really an angry person? i dont remember ever being that way, but i remember the frustrations eating at me. see sustainable life. and the lack of its achievement. trips to places where people are set in that bubble, i think about having kids at 22. and it made me want to have that life more ferociously. i wandered around for a bit trying not to miss any of my childrens firsts. trying to make sure i was here and there, so that i could do what i am now, only i realize that where i am now, means nothing if im not there with you all. pretty much in a tough spot. trying ot understand how to move forward. i feel like i need to shed the old skin of that life, and im not sure i can do it by constantly pushing forward and telling myself im okay. cause fuck, it still hurts like it happend yesterday.

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    well were all going through the same thing. theres is no level of sweetness kindness or love that can ensure saftey and love so unconditional that…

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    Manchester by the sea and moonlight. amazing beautiful films. nice day off.

  • noctunal animals fucked me up.

    when you love someone, you work it out. you dont just throw it away. you're careful with it. because you might never get it ever again.

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