What A Scenester (isdeadcore) wrote,
What A Scenester

well were all going through the same thing. theres is no level of sweetness kindness or love that can ensure saftey and love so unconditional that you can live your life fealessly and without compromise. got to talk to jimmy about his own personal turmoil and relationship. we all want the same thing. to shelter our loved ones and be free in the the world doing something we identify with. sometimes we forget to hug and love the women we have at home who gives us strength and that feeling of fearlessness. were all just going through the same sad thing. my heart breaks all too often and im just waiting for time to do its thing. i want to feel possibilities and happiness when i wake up instead of dread and dissapointment.

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    Manchester by the sea and moonlight. amazing beautiful films. nice day off.

  • noctunal animals fucked me up.

    when you love someone, you work it out. you dont just throw it away. you're careful with it. because you might never get it ever again.

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    i should write this down before i forget it. spencer : hey i noticed you had a piece of paper over there me: yeah bubs what was it spencer: oh just…

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